Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Flowers

Our first snow storm since October is covering the ground as the first flowers are emerging. (Last year was a record 70" of snow. This year about 8".)


Daffodils on the way:

The first early crocus:

A neighbor's witch hazel. I'd love one of these in our yard.

Working in the yard and taking walks as the days lengthen is brightening my mood too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick, Watch this movie

For those of you here today or tomorrow, watch this amazing movie:

It features Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin whose book, Folks, This Ain't Normal, is terrific. I'm almost done with it. He's a conservative environmentalist. It's an eye opener.

You can watch the movie online for free through March 3rd.

It's got me thinking about where I get the food I put in my one and only body. While I frequent a traditional and Whole Foods supermarkets, I also support my local farmers.

I just happened to take some photos of the cows and pigs on Mainstone Farm, the sustainable farm across the street from me, the other day. It is where I buy my beef and pork. It is were I get some of my vegetables during the summer.

I also have a CSA share from June to December at Siena Farm.

What food choices are you making today?

I'm making some kale/bean/sausage soup adapted from this recipe. It's in the crockpot. Can't wait!