Saturday, June 1, 2013

How Time Passes. May is over already.

Just popping in to say "good morning" to anyone who may still be peaking after a long hiatus. I'm always an early riser but on these very hot days with cool nights, the upstairs windows stay open all night. When I wake with the chirping birds at 4:30 (it's already getting light here in the East), I go down and open the downstairs doors and window that have been locked for the night. Then I return to bed.

Once I get up permanently, around 6am, I watch for the thermostat to change from decreasing (80 degrees F last night to 72 this morning) to increasing. When it turned up to 73, the doors and windows are closed and the curtains get pulled. It should be up in the 90s today but the house will stay much cooler.

It's still nice enough out that I've had my breakfast out on the little farmer's porch while I write this post.

Here are some photos of the time that has passed since I last posted.

Jack's prom

very cute couple

sailing races

We replaced all the ripped chair slings on the outdoor chairs.

We had a silly Mother's Day celebration.

I'll check back in soon. Maybe with something profound. Maybe just with the ups and downs of the days.