Sunday, February 27, 2011

Airplane Art

This past week we headed to Washington, DC to see the sites. My son and husband are big technology fans and wanted to see the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Annex at Dulles Airport. I didn't think it would be too exciting for me. I would have rather headed to an art museum. But surprisingly, beautiful art was all around. The elegance that helps planes soar requires simplicity of design and shape. The planes and the way they were hung in the architecturally refined hanger building was striking indeed!

This photo essay is inspired by the photo essays at A Little Light Reading, one of my favorite blogs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Not Superstitious

If I were a more superstisious person, I'd think I should stop blogging now. For, as soon as I put showed photos of Doug's beautiful painting work around the house in my last post, down came the water.

Here now is the lovely yellow paint bubbled from water seepage.

Here's the dormer occupied by towels and buckets and toil to remove ice dams and snow.
Here's Doug at night trying to hack at the ice out the window with a hoe.

Here he is outside in the day with his longest tools.

Soon we'll need a longer yard stick.

The deep snow does have its beauty for some...

Here's the view above from the bottom of the hill toward the house. This was last May, and the daffodils were blooming in profusion. I'm trying to imagine them now gaining strength to make it the most welcome spring ever!

At Wisecraft, her hellbores are emerging. Thanks for the inspiration.