Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anniversary Blizzard

Doug and I were married 20 years ago tomorrow. To celebrate, we spent last weekend at the Clarendon Square Inn in the South End of Boston. We made the reservations months ago. Who knew that we'd be overcome by snow in a winter wonderland? It was quiet, romantic and a bit unreal like that magical snowy sleigh ride with Baryshnikov in season 6 of Sex and the City. Here's a little photo tour of our weekend.

Even in the cold, you can observe the warmth of the typical South End brownstone.
We found the Siena Farm store, the city outpost of our CSA farm.
Even with only a little snow, skiers were out on the city streets.

After dinner Friday, the plows were still keeping up on the main roads.
Lights glowed behind the wind-whipped snow.
Two feet of snow fell from Friday afternoon through mid-day Saturday. I spent much of that time in the luxurious tub.
By Saturday afternoon, we ventured out on foot. The T was not running.

We were happy not to have to clear snow. Our son did our home driveway.

These guys were seriously tired of shovelling.

The busiest of city intersections by Copley Square facing the Prudential building were devoid of cars.
The library muse does not mind the cold.

People were skiing and sledding in the public garden.

The Back Bay was full of snow, revelers and buried cars on the narrow streets.
By early evening photographers joined shovelers in the middle of roads.
We returned to the wonderful, hip COPPA for dinner Saturday night. In addition to being delicious, it was one of the few open restaurants.

People have been comparing this storm to the blizzard of 1978, 35 years ago. We've been married only 20 years. So it is unlikely that we'll have another such memorable anniversary any time soon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Collages 6 & 7

I really like my collages from this week. I painted the backgrounds before I did them. I then chose papers from my collection that I thought complemented the paint. I ripped randomly and placed layers more deliberately thinking about shape and color. What do you think?


I'm always struggling with myself to believe what I do is valuable or meaningful... whether it's my work, my writing, my cooking, my art. I feel competent but not professional or special. I like the way this artist, photographer JoAnn Verurg, talks about when her work becomes something more than it's materials. Check it out.