Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling Bad

Sorry for not having written for so long. Doug and I went on a terrific weekend away to Cape Cod. Too bad I didn't bring the camera. We explored marshes, a beautiful beach and a swamp where trees grew from mossy tuffets poking out of the water. We visited the spot where Marconi first sent wireless signals across the sea to England. The foundations of his enormous wire web structure have been nearly washed away. We stayed in a lovely B&B and had one of the best dinners I've ever eaten: grilled lobster with cubed chorizo, squash, bechemel, light herbed gnocchi, and pomogranet (sp?) seeds. Sounds weird but it all the flavors complemented one another and were presented beautifully. And it all looked even better after a chocolate margarita. If you get a chance, visit the High Pointe Inn and the Brewster Fish House.

Otherwise I've been in quite a funk. Once we got back from our trip, Renee got sick. We ended up in the emergency room last Monday because I panicked. I'm in the process of finding doctors up here, but we haven't seen anyone yet. I called one of the offices I'm dealing with, and they were trying to be helpful, but I couldn't wait on hold while she cried with stomach pain. I thought it might have been her appendix. Back in NJ, I would have rushed her to our pediatrician. Here I was scared and alone. I called 911, ended up in the emergency room and became one of the statistical patients rushing to the emergency room driving up health care costs! She was fine and we went home after a couple hours and a couple tests. It could have been gas.

This is just an example of everything that is so hard about moving. Nothing is familiar. You don't have any resources to draw on. Every small problem turns big because you don't have your regular doctor, electrician, car repair people. Everything is a search, and I get lost every time! I've been trying to take long walks to stop my brain from evil thoughts. Four and a half hours in the last 3 days.


Meryl said... sucks when catastrophes happen when you're still getting your bearings. But it will get better soon! Before long you'll be a wise and seasoned "local".

rgolaine said...
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rgolaine said...

Honestly, I hate the fact that you are gone - but I am trying to think of it as a new adventure for all of us. You live in such a beautiful area - Walden Pond - DeCordova Park - the city Boston -
All we have to do is try to develop new habits - familiarity with the new will come in time - It is so wonderful that you have this opportunity for new beginnings and adventures with your family. You are much too young to be stuck in the past.