Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Unproductive Adventure

I tried to walk into town and do some errands today. I was planning to return books to the library and send some things at the post office. Sadly, my efforts were unproductive except for a few cool blog pictures.

Along our road there was a waterfall that isn't normally there.

I headed to the center of town, but couldn't figure out how to get across this intersection. I suppose I could have asked someone to drive me across, but I didn't want to do that.

I meandered around to a back route behind the town building. It was flooded too. I removed my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants. I thought I would wade through, but the water was freezing, and I was unsure how deep it would get.

So I walked back home and made a story of my adventure. I guess I'll have to take the car later.


rosalyn said...

So happy that this flooding is not in your backyard !!!

Andrea said...

Renee's friend Clarissa had to ride the duck boats (like the ones in front of the science museum) over the bridge.

heather said...

that's kind of funny. can't beat mother nature very easily sometimes. i love it that you attempted to brave it barefoot.

i haven't seen that jon muth book before, but we love love love zen shorts and the other the three questions. i can't believe he has another book we didn't know about!!! stone soup no less. thank you so much.