Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer's Here

Summer harvests are here. And we are savoring the tastes. We have had 4 weeks of CSA boxes now. There have been lots of lettuces, herbs and other greens and radishes. Our favorites were the shelling peas. There are never enough. So as an experiment I bought some additional ones from the supermarket. Big mistake, after eating the share peas, supermarket ones were nearly inedible. We're moving on to summer squash, brightly colored carrots, and fava beans.

The cows and pigs across the street are growing. That farmstand now has the best sausage and bacon I've ever tasted. Guilt free! Or guilt free when used in small doses with all those great veggies.We got some wonderful corn there yesterday.

Corn should always be shucked while wearing a yellow bathing suit.

Our own garden is producing too:

yesterday's beans

yesterday's raspberries

R's July 4th breakfast with our own raspberries

Squash flowers are blooming, and tiny cucumbers are developing, but something has eaten some of the leaves off those plants. I'm concerned for their future and hoping for the best.

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