Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Crafts

Here are just some of the crafts we've been working on for holiday gifts and decorations.

My son is a pro at technical paper crafts.

My daughter enjoys sewing crafts, this one an adaptation from the book Softies.

She also loves beading and making jewelry. She made almost all the necklaces on a cork jewelry holder I made her for her birthday.

I made a bunch of little polaroo felties as gifts for her birthday party guests. They are from this Felties book.

So last night began the holiday season of Hanukah, Christmas and my daughter's birthday. But no matter how many wonderful gifts arrive, the best ones are always part of the packaging. This "Darth Vadar" helmet arrived in a tower of edible gifts. An empty wrapping paper roll makes the perfect "light saber".

By the way the cardboard tube has been rated as one of the 5 best toys ever! Others include a Stick, String, Dirt and ... the Box. Check out a great article about it in this article from GeekDad at Wired magazine.


Karen L R said...

what crafty kids! (i found you via amanda's blog)

cardboard is THE BEST toy ever.

Andrea said...

Thanks for commenting, Karen. I visited your beautiful blog. You are so talented! According to an article on geekdad cardboard tubes are one of the 5 best toys ever along with boxes, string, dirt and sticks.