Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Card Party

I had 5 ladies over last Saturday for a Valentine Card Party. I offered the party as part of the Dining for Dollars fund raiser for our church. I got the idea from a magazine article I had read. It seemed like a great way to raise a little money and get to know some people from church better.

I provided some ideas (as did Martha Stewart's website), many craft supplies and snacks. The attendees brought some photos or mementos and their creativity.

We got right to work selecting papers and trims. There were stencils, stamps, stickers, gel pens and sparkly glue. Everyone was impressed with my collection of supplies, but it was easy to pull lots of things together from more than a dozen years of doing crafts with my kids.

After about an hour and a half, it was time for some sustenance: homemade peanut butter and jelly cookies, fruit, yogurt and pound cake and Waldorf salad, tea, cider or sangria.

Everyone had a great time taking a break from the usual weekend chores. We got to get to know each other a little better. Raised some money for our church. And went home with beautiful homemade cards for our loved ones.

The smile tells the story.

In fact, there were smiles all around.


Karen L R said...

What fun! Looks like this was a win win situation.

Andrea said...

yes, and a good way to push me to entertain. Thanks for commenting. I love to know that someone is out there.

heather said...

i came here and saw this yesterday, and then safari crashed when i was trying to leave a comment. i love that you did this so much! it inspires me so much. i love making cards. and having the gathering support a cause is so cool. what a good idea. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you repost that dark bit you told me about!

Andrea said...

Thanks, I erased that dark entry... and I'm having a great day. But those dark days come every once in a while... sometimes more often. I'll try to be as brave as you.