Sunday, July 8, 2012

City Outing (Fleet Week)

The last post showed one of our recent outings to natural places. We often go to local beaches, woods, and gardens. Soon, we'll be off to our summer vacation in some of the most striking landscapes in the United States  But we live near one of the greatest cities, Boston. As a transplant to the area, I've fallen in love with the history, the charm, the Atheneaum, old bookstores, Beacon Hill, the Harbor, and more. July 4th celebrations here are living history.

This year the July 4th celebrations coincided with Fleet Week and the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. The war was won largely because of the USS Constitution, a Navy frigate built in Boston that defeated 5 British ships. The Constitution is now a Boston museum. It makes a yearly trip from Charlestown to Castle Island, where it explodes its cannons, and sails back (it doesn't really go by sail now).

USS Constitution closeup

Those sailors on the sidearms give you an idea of the size of this ship.

 The photos that follow are from both Saturday June 30th when a number of international ships came into the Harbor and Wednesday July 4th when there were flyovers and water parades. Thanks D, I used some of your photos.

The Coast Guard Eagle
I love seeing the sailors on the yardarms.
The sailors on the top yardarms are women.

Tug boats helped the boats park along a wharf.

Boston's World Trade Center is not very tall or showy.
A Blue Angel flyover

What's a flyover without parachutists jumping out of planes?

Colorful Flags were everywhere

A fireboat welcomes the tall ships.

The kids no longer like getting their picture taken, especially in the hot sun.

R found a shady spot.
These guys were on their way to set up a recruiting tent. The ICA's shady bleachers are in the backround.

Here's the view from the windows of the ICA above those bleachers. Awesome!

We headed into the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) to see a new exhibit and cool off. We primarily wanted to see the art of Josiah McElheny. His favorite medium is glass. He explores the properties of mirrors, art and the universe with his sparkling, reflective works.

one of McElheny's universes

Another wonderful day in the city. Such days can alter your perspective.

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