Monday, August 13, 2012

Back from NC

written yesterday, posted this morning

We got back this afternoon from our 3rd trip to North Carolina. It's a wonderful vacation with friends of Doug's from college days and their families. Each time we have rented a big house and stuffed it full of kids, snacks and boogie boards, game boards, and fun fun fun. There's lots of activity, noise, sand, alcoholic beverages, freedom for kids, bobbing in warm waves, hot tubbing and renewing friendships.

But for this evening, I'm glad to be back in my quiet comfortable home.

All the doors and windows are open to cool off the house and clear the stale air. I hear the constant noise of crickets and the occasional car go by.

I'm noticing that all of a sudden the dark of night is coming earlier.

I see that the garden is overgrown with weeds, but there were lots of purple green beans hidden among them. They became part of dinner.

The majority of unpacking is done, and I'm looking forward to doing some organizing tomorrow when R is at camp and J is sailing. I do like my alone time, and that is rare on the NC vacation... only during 6am sunrise walks.


 It was amazing and intense spending the past month in close quarters with my hubby and kids for the majority of our days. The kids are growing so fast, learning new skills, becoming so independent.

Time with my hubby is sweet, no rush, no fuss. Instead, relaxing walks and silly talks.


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