Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back with New Plan

I'm going to try to post the occasional (or maybe more often) single photo with a short text. Somehow the longer posts of the past seem too overwhelming now. I feel like my brain is always full of swirling emotions. I need to focus on the reality before me, focus on the things I'm doing.

Working: I got a job (paid) in our local library
Cooking: It seems my kids are growing so fast and need so much food. I feel like I'm shopping, planning, baking, chopping, and cleaning up so many times a day. It's seems never-ending.
Biking: I'm going to ride to Walden Pond with my daughter's 6th grade. I'm getting in shape.
Painting: Finally I finished the pieces for our pergola. They had been stained reddish-brown.

Painted pergola puzzle put in place.


Tiffany said...

Great new plan!! I am realizing blogging is an ebb and flow!

Hope you are doing well!


Karen L R said...

Hooray for the finished pergola! And for being gentle with your own expectations.