Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Artistry: Collages and Cuisine

Still working on my ihanna challenge collages;

This first one uses folded dollars that make the letters on the bills spell out controversial statements. They include "trust no one", "the American idol", "made in China" and "the end is near". I had cut them from The New Yorker months ago. I paired them with jewels from fashion magazines and Tiffany catalogs. I have such distaste for the ever-present focus on money, the GDP, and stock numbers by our news media. Everything is about being consumers, borrowing and getting more; fancier and newer cars and phones with more features. Meanwhile, we've just finished the hottest year on record with an unprecedented number of devastating storms and drought. Our leaders won't address crucial policy issues energy or preventing gun violence. I don't love this collage but I'm glad I was able to address these issues in my own head. It's the sort of political, religion, values talk that in society makes one unpopular.


Here's collage number three. I was trying to explore balance in color and form. I worked off the painting of the middle-aged comfortable but still stylish couple playing cards. I like the colors and their seeming attention to eachother. Next month my DH and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Celebration and comfort are on my mind.

Still family and work commitments continue. It is a challenge to feed my family something healthy that they will all enjoy every night. Here's a new dish I tried. It was a real winner. Sort of like having dessert for dinner. I served it with roasted squash with onions and cranberry to round out the sweet flavors.Comment if you'd like the recipe.

Apple and Maple Ricotta Pie

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Kaat at MamaStories said...

You'll soon overtake me with my 350 poems.
Love the collages! And that pie looks scrumptious.