Thursday, September 12, 2013

Breakfast Bites

This morning my kids called me out to the end of the driveway as they were waiting for the bus (at 6:50am) to see an intense orange sun rising in the soupy sky. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera there. I did, however, get to share an unusual sunrise and last goodbye with them.

So here's today's not very well lighted or well designed photo.

First, I'll say that the breakfast looked much more appetizing before I ate most of it. But as I arranged the last bites, I thought the following was a good question to put out there. Why do I always arrange my last bites to contain all the variety of what I'm eating? Each bite should have some crispy oatmeal pancake edge along with a selection of the day's fruit (today banana and our own canned peaches). My daughter never mixes any of her foods. She eats each item alone generally progressing from most to least favorite. Do these patterns say anything significant about us?

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Kaat at MamaStories said...

Oh, I'm sure they do.
My daughter also doesn't like mixing but always eats the least favorite first, leaving the best for last "because then she can keep that pure taste." I guess that's as good a reason as any.
I like mixing too. I think it comes with experimenting and love of surprise and we'll sacrifice that "pure, best taste" for adventure. The only thing I take unmixed and "pure" is water.