Thursday, October 9, 2014

In My Kitchen and Colorful Yard

 This week I'm again joining Heather at Beauty that moves in her kitchen.

A beautiful purple cauliflower from our CSA share.
It caused me to get a bit artistic. Of course, once it was cooked I was too excited to eat it to take a photo.

The following photo is of an apple/apricot chutney I made with a friend. She had the recipe from her mother, but didn't know how to can. I offered a pleasant afternoon canning lesson in exchange for a couple jars, a wonderful exchange. I'd say I became a knowledgeable canner last year when I did lots of canning with friends. We bought hundreds of pounds of peaches and apples and learned together. I've learned a new skill and fun method of saving and sharing with others. Priceless!

Here's some chutney. It reminds me of fall and looks great set against our most glowing maple.

I've been distracted by the yard. I pause from the food photographs for a bit of local color.

Our sky was too cloudy to see the early morning lunar eclipse, but later it looked like this.

The reflection of my favorite tree in a newly washed window.

These are some photos from a couple weeks ago when the share was full of tomatoes. The gratin was for a pot luck dinner we attended. Too bad I again forgot to take an after picture. It was beautiful cooked too. And delicious with purple potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchini. The underlayer was made of sauteed leeks, and it was topped with Emmental and panko.

Gratin in progress. A good use for my mandolin.
Parsley is my best crop this year. Too bad we don't like it very much.
A rather fussy but delicious lunch, tomato sandwich and salad with cabbage, beets and blue cheese.


Joy said...

That purple cauliflower! The depth of color is so amazing. I don't blame you for getting artistic. There is always one problem with this blog hop and clicking around just before lunch- it makes me SO hungry! Everything you posted looks so yummy and good.

Amanda said...

Such a colorful kitchen! I love my mandolin, and that is a perfect use. Ah, so much inspiration. I need to make something with beets... AND wash my windows.

Andrea said...

Confession. We've lived in this house 5 years. The windows don't tilt in, and there are many that are too high and we don't like ladders. We had professionals do the cleaning. It was so worth it!

Kaat at MamaStories said...

I think I'll make that gratin for dinner tonight.

eeoc said...

Who knew cauliflower could be that beautiful? Thanks for sharing, it looks like an amazing week or so in your kitchen.

Ms Howtheylived said...

Your food looks fantastic! And wow the colors outside are amazing.