Thursday, December 4, 2008

I've been loving so many blogs for over a year. Soulemama, No Impact Man, Down to Earth and many others. I kept wanting to get involved, to create a diary you share with others, and create community at the same time.

Right now I'm looking for community and can't find it in the usual places. I've got an established network of friends and family here in Northern New Jersey. But it is likely to be uprooted soon. My husband's job is moving to Boston. We met there while I was in school almost 20 years ago. But I grew up here and we've been living in our house, making a home for 16 years.

I'm not ready to share my worries with my mother and children yet. I don't want to upset anyone before we know what is happening. So here I start my blog in order to document my concerns, loves and journey to a new community that will be there no matter where my actual address is.

Here I can document for posterity the things I will miss about my home if we end up leaving. After only a few days of uncertain future, I am already feeling wistful about the door edge where we have documented our children's growth, the raspberry patch that finally yields enough to freeze and last a few months, and the way our family room glows in the setting sun. I'll get pictures of these things in here as soon as I can. Of course the yard is in it's winter gloom, but I'll be seeing one more spring here while I try to spiff up the house to sell in this difficult economic time.

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