Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My husband is up in Boston attending the holiday party there and meeting with those he will work with if we move. In the dark of night I am awake, spinning worries in my head. I get up to wash dishes and walk around the house listening to music with headphones.

After much anxiety, I had a revelation that even this is not either/or decision that will determine our lives. He could go in March and continue to job hunt for positions here. If he likes it there and the house sells, we could follow. It's only a 4 hour drive or train ride for him to come home, and I could take the kids there for April vacation. They would love visiting the science museum and perhaps taking in a game at Fenway.

No one choice determines the future. Just 8 days ago, I figured our future would be in this house.

So he sees the Boston office today and tomorrow. The firm brings in a relocation company to give a presentation at the end of the week. And next week we'll see an offer. These are good choices. Our scenario is a job in Boston and perhaps a wonderful new opportunity. Worst case would be no job, debt and losing our house. I know this is happening to many people.

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