Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here's an old picture of our house from about 1998. We've added a big family room since then, but essentially the shape and gardens are the same. The yard lush in summer. The flowers plentiful. Will someone appreciate the beauty of this home? It has no granite counters or soaring entrance. It is a home full of warmth and love. Will we be able to find a place around Boston that we can come to love as much, that we can make our own? How will we recreate the molding where we recorded our children's heights as they grew. Jack is nearly as tall as me now. All my memories of the children growning up, playing in the yard, learning to walk, riding a bike for the first time are here.

We are definitely going to Boston. We've told my mom (who was incredibly positive and supportive) and the kids. Doug will sign the letter of intention on Tuesday. A day of change for the country and us. Could it be a good omen for the future?

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