Saturday, March 7, 2009


On Wednesday, we got a pretty depressing e-mail from the realtor. He detailed reasons people who had seen the house didn't want it. No garage, only 3 bedrooms, too much yard to care for, didn't like kitchen; generally things we can't do anything about. He was also disappointed by the number of people who had seen the house (6 groups).

I called to get a clarification and felt better knowing that it was less the house than the market. Who would buy a house in the two weeks where the market fell to 12 year lows and the unemployment rate fell to 25 year highs.

So we wait.
Perhaps when the leaves come out and we redo our outdoor pictures for the on line multiple listing, more people will come and see the beauty of the house.

And hope emerges with the first crocuses in the garden this sunny March morning.

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