Monday, March 16, 2009

New Car on the Way

Two house visitors this past weekend, but no takers. Everyday the buds on the trees get a little bigger and more flowers bloom. We've scheduled more open houses for the end of April and early May. Then the beauty of the yard will make the house look worth the price. Right now it's quite expensive compared with other 3 bedroom/2 bath houses in this town.

But still we must move along with preparation for Doug heading to Boston in less than 3 weeks. On that front Doug has been bargaining and comparing internet prices on the new VW Jetta diesel. Saturday we secured our deal and should take delivery on the new car in a few days. He'll have airbags, a CD player (in fact a 6-CD changer, standard), and 30 mph city/ 42 mph highway mileage. There are even a few friends hoping to get his rusty, classic 1992 pick-up. I'll show before and after pictures of Doug's wheels in a couple days. Tune in.

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