Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful House, Blue Pictures

Here are some rather terrible pictures of the new house we've agreed to buy. Yes, I know it seems that something is missing since the last post, but I'm not quite emotionally ready to talk about finding this house yet.

It is actually beautiful, with clean, classic lines, bright spaces, and a feeling of serenity and care throughout. The yard is a paradise (1.5 acres) with bushes like a botanical garden, a meadow and elegant garden with brick walkway.

Front of house:
Back of house with deck.

We have a broker's open house tomorrow at the NJ house, and public open houses every Sunday for the foreseeable future. Wish us luck. We've done what I said I never would: agreed to purchase a house without having this one sold.

But the new house is so special. Finding it was fate. Now we need fate to steer that perfect special buyer to our home.

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