Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blooming with Emotion

It has been hard lately to write because of all the churning emotions. Seeing a bunch of awful houses in Boston, finding a wonderful house, making a decision to make an offer on that house without having sold our current one, having people see and like the Fair Lawn house, not hearing from them again, worrying about money, realizing that this is what the years of savings was for, worrying about everything, collapsing with exhaustion, insomnia...

My life before last December would move up and down on an emotional scale of 1 to 10 (extreme sadness to happy mania) between 5 and 8. Now it feels like it's swinging from 2 to 7. I think when our house sells, I will hit a quick 10 then happily settle back to 5 to 8.

On a positive note spring is blooming... good for house selling, good for the heart.

Front garden bed blooming with ground phlox, daffodils, tulips. On the way poppies, paper whites, coral bells, irises and more.

Dogwood flowers small and light green. In a few days they will be glowing white.

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I love the dogwood shot. Maybe with the blooming flowers you will seal a deal on your house.