Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning Walk

I did get out for that hill walk this morning. At 6:30 AM this is the view down the driveway toward the cow fields where the fog was aglow with the sun's early rays. The driveway reminds me of old roads we drove on in England that had been worn down by 1000 years of cart and foot traffic.
Under that tree just to the right of the drive, hobbits could hide from a black rider. The roots stick out just like in that scene from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Along the side of the cow field, Queen Anne's Lace is abundant. I'll get a picture of the cows when they come a bit closer. They were far away this morning, but Renee claims their moos woke her up yesterday.

It's easy to pick a colorful flower arrangement in the yard these days.


heather said...

oh my gosh. where do you live? it is so beautiful, at least the way you see it, with your photos is.

Andrea said...

We just moved to Wayland, MA from New Jersey. We are about as far from Boston as we were from NYC, but the air smells so much fresher... like pines, cut grass and occasionally cows.