Thursday, August 13, 2009

The "New Normal" Begins

Terrific day. I finished going through the last of the boxes in the main part of the house. Now there's just the stuff in the basement and garage that was in our ample closet space in the old house. It will have to be weeded down and organized. But the actual house is really getting into shape.

We also got mail today for the first time in about a month: some checks from insurance rebates on the old house, catalogs and local ads, and 3 New Yorker magazines. I'm going to start catching up as soon as I finish this post. As Doug said we're getting back to the "New Normal."

Tonight we hung the portrait of me and my sister when we were little in the library room. It looks so beautiful with the dark wood and brass of the cabinets, day bed and club chairs. I'll put up pictures soon, but it's hard to get the whole feel of the room in a photo. Very cozy and personal.

For the past two evenings we've been taking walks around the neighborhood after dinner. Tonight we watched the cows in the nearby pasture and saw 2 turkeys as we walked up a huge hill. It looks like a good place for me to get into shape. I'm going to try to get out and walk up it a couple times tomorrow morning.

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