Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not More Snow Photos

I'm betting no one wants to see more snow pictures. But here some are anyway. I hope they have a bit of artistic flair or fun.

Renee's 9th birthday snow cake:

Another present for Renee. The biggest icicles on the house are right out her window. Don't you love her clothes line of paper dresses.

And finally some actual gifts. Amazingly the camera we got for Renee exactly matches the gloves my mother knit for her.

And some of the paper crafts Jack and I made (he did the wonderful window stars) with the girls at Renee's party. Their 3-D snowflakes, paper and window stars were their goody bag gifts. I loved that I avoided the convention of sending candy and plastic trinkets home with guests. It's one of my pet peeves.


rosalyn said...

Your pictures are fabulous - Very artistic snow pictures. Renée looks very happy with her matching camera and mittens. I'm so glad she enjoyed her first birthday parties is Wayland.

heather said...

yes, i love her paper dresses on the clothesline, so much! did she cut them out?

and her gloves are so cute and funky. who's making the stars? your son or your husband? either way, that makes me happy too, hearing of male crafting.

Andrea said...

My son, he does origami and crochet. My mom knit the gloves. Renee cut the paper dresses from a Klutz kit book, Paper Fashions. She loves it.