Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday in NYC

When we head to NYC, I don't want to miss a thing. It was the beautiful warm-for-the-season Sunday after Christmas. We weren't alone on the streets. Festivity was in the air. There will be many photos here, but I want to show the bounty before we're off again. We're doing a lot of traveling in this week and a half the kids have vacation... CT, NJ, New York City and tomorrow, Rochester, NY.

So drink in surprises and charms of New York streets. It's not quite the same as being there, but for those far away perhaps it imparts the flavor of the place:

A woman with the largest and smallest dogs.

The line at the Guggenheim.

The line at the hot dog stand outside the Metropolitan Museum.

A bench to rest on just when you need it.

The amazing granite slide in the playground at east 67th street.

A beautiful building along 5th Ave.

Beautiful Renee and her beautiful French toast at the Wright museum restaurant at the Guggenheim.

My parsley, raspberry seed holiday tree at the Wright museum restaurant at the Guggenheim.

The kids in front of a Bergdorf Goodman window. Strike up the band.

More details of these breathtaking windows. For crafters this is THE SIGHT to see in NYC. Head to 58th and 5th. This year, they were based on Alice in Wonderland. They are hard to photograph but so inspiring. If you click on the photos you see lots of detail and reflections of the buildings across the street. Just think, it's someone's job to work on these all year long.

The hedgehog, dodo and nearly everything in this window are completely made of paper.

Enlarge and look closely, Judith Leiber jeweled purses and an actual stuffed squirrel!

I recently changed my blog photo to a moon shot over our home. The moon is lovely in the city as well.

Even in the midst of the busy city there can be peace.


dccase said...

Your parsley tree could be a whole entree at one of those Tasting Menu places.

rosalyn said...

Absolutely Beautiful
Thank you and A Very Happy New Year

heather said...

these pictures of your trip are so fun. there's so much art in that city, mmmmmmmm.

by the way, i am excited to look for that book at the library this week, the simms taback one. i know i'm gonna love it, and the kids too, of course!