Monday, July 5, 2010

Paper Quilts

Inspired by Wise Craft, and Beauty that Moves Summer Studio Tour, a little artistic interlude:

I am not a patient or talented enough seamstress to quilt, but the justaposition of color and and its influence on emotion can carry me away. There was a moment of flow and creativity as I chose the colors and cut the 1 1/2" squares to highlight certain features of the papers from my haphazard collection.

The first result:

And the second:


heather said...

mmmm, i love the second one. that looks like a fun meditative project. you could totally translate that to sewing. sewing squares together!! you can do that i'm positive. maybe think about a pillow first if it sounds appealing?

Andrea said...

Sitting with fabric sounds hot right now. It's been close to 100 and humid for three days and we have no AC. Perhaps in the cold months I'll be motivated to actually quilt. It will be a chilly mid-80s today.