Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Rare Pat on the Back

I've been bad about taking pictures lately. But I wanted to give myself a pat on the back about a few things. Usually I'm always noticing my flaws. But this week I:

1. finished everything in my CSA share. I even ate beets with feta one day for lunch (I usually have trouble getting through the beets). Made pesto. Put radishes on every sandwich and in corn salad with cilantro. Salad with figs. Broccollini and fennel with pasta and bacon. Sauted bok choy and green onion. There may have been even more that I'm forgetting... Oh yeah, lots of sweet purple, yellow and orange carrots in lunches.

2. My daughter has been asking for a sweet treat for about 2 weeks. I found a really easy and easy-to-clean-up recipe for chocolate cake in Fannie Farmer and let her make it!

3. Got my husband and son sailing together on Lake Cochituate last Sunday. My son has been sailing in camp and loving it! Getting my husband to abandon his weekend chores is difficult, but luckily the weed wacker cooperated and wouldn't turn on. I also took on some of his chores to make it easier. I got a new propane tank and washed the porch railings to get them ready for painting.

4. Tried a new class at the YMCA, Core Dynamics, lots of balance and stretching. Got my bike tire fixed and went on a bike ride.


rosalyn said...

Congratulations - you deserve a "Pat on the Back" !!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the fun & accomplishments this week!

heather said...

i would be proud of me too!! nice work fu**ing with the weed wacker so your man could get out and have fun. good idea!!! i know you didn't really mess with it, but it's giving me ideas.....

i find core classes to be so empowering. watch out, sister!! you might just start surprising yourself with how strong and capable you are. not that you don't already know that, but that's what happens to me. i start speaking up. kind of fearlessly.

and.....i am always freaking out on friday to use the csa stuff. it's so hard for me as a non cook. but i try. you are inspiring.