Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vermont Vacation

I've been gone, but I'm back for the moment with too many things to say to get it all into one post. We spent last week with dear friends at their house on an island in Lake Champlain. It was amazing, relaxing and fun. We also visited Burlington and Shelbourne, VT.

Making chicken friends at a local farm that sells maple soft serve ice-cream.

Cooking chicken (not the same chicken).

Driving little boats.

Sailing boats.

Visiting bigger boats.

Doing a few chores.

Checking out some local art.

Hiking to a cliff to look for fossils.

Making s'mores.

Renee loved swimming and playing with C.

Jack loved sailing and caring for R.

We are so thankful for Reid and Jennie our oldest and dearest friends.

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