Thursday, December 30, 2010

Busy Crafters

We've been busy bees around here with all the new crafts items that arrived for Christmas, Hanukkah and recent birthdays.

Renée got a book on doll making that reminded me of last year's Felties. It's called Wee Wonderfuls. Check out these great mermaids. I made the pink and purple slightly lopsided one. She made the blue (she's 10). The directions were easy, and we adapted to the supplies (felt and sparkly glue) and patience we had. We're looking forward to trying others in the book.

During the holidays we headed to a quilling workshop at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. It was lots of fun. A quilling kit arrived for the holidays. Really all that's needed is some very thin paper and a quilling tool although a toothpick works in a pinch. We made snowflakes at the workshop and have been trying out other designs at home. Here's a bit of my work.

If you want to check out some great quilling pictures check out a post I did a while ago after visiting a paper crafts exhibit.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Lovely mermaids- I love the Peabody- one of my favorite museums ever- Happy NY!

Andrea said...

Thanks Ren. I checked out your blog. The pierogis look delicious and quite similar to the playdoh. Looks like you have lots of fun around your house.

Anonymous said...

those came out GREAT! those are at the top of our list as well. i can't wait to dig in. also, the reversible doll! i'd like to try that one! love your site. happy new year!

rosalyn said...

I just love the snowflakes and the card ... You will have to show me how to do this !!!

heather said...

those mermaids are awesome!! i really want to make some of those now with my girls. oooooo, want that book!!

your quilling is great. no glue?