Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mothering like a Lioness

Here's another series of photos from our DC trip. A cool February day was a very good one to visit a zoo. I used to take the kids to the Bronx Zoo often in the summers when we lived in NJ. But, I guess animals feel a lot like us on hot summer days. They mostly slept. The animals were on the move at the National Zoo in late winter though.

We got to witness some lion family love. Early in the morning the male lion was in one large pen and two females were in another. When we headed back to see the cub showing around lunch time, the females were pacing eagerly at the door of their enclosure. Soon doors were opened and the females along with their seven 3-to-4-month-old cubs (from 2 litters) entered the male's enclosure.


Johanna B said...

Lions are just big cats. Love 'em.

Johanna B said...

My first paying library job was as an elementary school librarian in New Orleans. It was in the part of town that was struck hardest by Katrina and the school no longer exists. It was an intersting experience.

fitandfortysomething.com said...

love the pics of the lions! so beautiful :)