Monday, October 24, 2011

Why I Don't Knit

There is no point in my taking up knitting. My mom is an incredibly prolific and beautiful knitter and provides our family with gorgeous hats, gloves, socks, scarves, sweaters, blankets and, for me, shawls.

Fall is shawl weather for me. I like to keep one along when going out to easily throw on and off in the car, in the cool library, on and off as the heat in restaurants or church cycles. Here are a couple my mom has given me over the years.

I called my mom this morning to find out the names of the yarns she uses. She notes that she loves beautiful yarns that can make even simple patterns into gorgeous items. But her patterns have become more complex over time.

Colinette hand dyed heavy cotton from Wales and according to my mom discontinued.

Karabella Gossimer first test of ruffle makin . This is a soft, light wool in an open pattern. It's a beautiful burgundy color with fine gold threads running throug.

Koigu KPPM, a light wool with a ruffle around the neck and down the front

If you're interested in any of these patterns I could get more information from my mom about them.

A tag sewed into her items reads, "Made with love in every stitch by Grandma Rosalyn." Obviously, she had it made for the kids, but puts it in things for me too. All these items will be greatly valued for such a long time.

In August my kids and I put in our Christmas/Chanukah orders. I'll show them when they arrive.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Mom!

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