Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lots of Veggies!

Last Saturday we attended our second annual CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm Tour Party. Members of the CSA get to walk with the farmers throught the beautiful fall fields checking out the plantings, feeling the soil, tasting the produce, learning about the new equipment that can plant such beautiful straight, close rows! Then we head back to the barns to eat, drink and get to know new friends of all ages. This year we even got to pile into the back of pick-up trucks for a short ride to a farther field.

Each week we get a half bushel box full of the freshest produce. In spring there are peas and baby greens, and radishes. Summer last year brought amazing amounts of tomatoes. This year there was abundant eggplant. Too much if you ask my son, who got very tired of eggplant Parmigiana over pasta. Now fall boxes are full of winter squashes, beets and leeks.

It can be a challenge to eat all these veggies in a week and create dishes that everyone will like. Here are some of my efforts:

All these greens and peppers went into delicious green enchilladas.

Here's a squash, leek, apple, almond combo I made for lunch to use up the roasted squash from the night before. YUM!


Kaat at MamaStories said...

I was there too! It was just wonderful, and we've decided to sign up.

Thank you for putting this up! Now I don't have to do it.

I'll send you a link with my pictures soon.

heather said...

i want to make enchiladas! i have never made those before. i shared our csa this year. so every other week we get the veggies. it's kind of nice, less pressure to use so many veggies, since i'm not the best cook, or maybe just not an inspired cook very often. your photos are great.

Andrea said...

thanks Kaat for the link to your photos. You got some great ones.

Heather, I adapted my recipe from Martha Stewart's Quick Cook Menus for green enchilladas. Mine have more greens, less chicken, and beans. The recipe's pretty loose.
I saute onion/leeks and chile/jalapeno/greeen peppers I have on hand. Once they're cooked, throw in a variety of greens (chard/kale/radish and or beet greens) depending on what's in the share. I put this mixture in with a pint of sour cream and about a tsp of cumin, salt and pepper. Split this mixture in 2. Add about 1 pound shredded poached chicken breast and a can of rinsed small white beans to one of the halves of the sour cream sauce. Wrap that whole mixture into about 8 tortillas and place in buttered 9x13 pyrex pan. Spread other half of sour cream mixture over filled tortillas. Top with about a cup of shredded cheddar. Heat in 375 over for 30 mins.

This recipe takes a long time. But I often make so much of the greens mixture, I freeze half to use for the next batch. This meal last for 2 nights for out family. I usually only serve some fruit on the side.

I'll try to get a picture of the finished enchilladas next time. But they don't look as good as they taste.