Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beautiful Easter

We spent a lovely day in Boston today. Doug's been doing a lot of exploring during his lunch walks and took us to see some new (to us) sights.

First, the Boston Public Library, and there was a book sale going on!

The stairway with sculptured lions was a bit reminiscent of the New York Public Library to me. I'll have to investigate which lions came first.

Beautiful mosaic ceilings in the entrance.

The contrast of old and new architecture as seen from the indoor courtyard. Hancock building framed by the library.

The tour then took us through the public gardens where exuberant people entertained the crowds watching the flowers bloom, the willows sway and the blushing brides (behind the sax player).

An anime convention was going on. Were these ladies on their way?

Onto the Statehouse where Occupy Boston is now protesting transit fare hikes. It's hard to understand why our state would want to send a message that driving into Boston is preferable to taking the T while placing an increasing burden on poorer citizens who depend more heavily on public transportation. By the way we parked at Riverside and took the Green Line!

Next we headed into the Beacon Hill and ended up on charming, exclusive Acorn street, where more care is taken in the window boxes than in our whole yard.

The view from the top. Might the 1% live here? They really don't have to take the T. They're in the center of everything.

We ended the day with dinner in the North End. YUM
Thanks honey for a great day.

Happy Easter and Passover to all. Hope your weekend is lovely.


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heather said...

seriously. lovely. you are funny with your pokes at the 1%. and the window boxes. so glad you got that good day adventure.

Andrea said...

Thanks, checked out library lions

New York 1911

Boston dedicated 1926