Monday, April 16, 2012

Inevitable Daffodil Post

Yes, I think I have done one of these posts every year since we moved to MA. But I can't help it. This naturalized daffodil meadow planted by the previous owners is one of the things I love best about this house. The first photo is the view from the deck. The next few show the variety of blooms. I think as the years go by, hybrids become genetic mutants, freaky fantastic flowers derived from those traditional types.

Daffodils have made their way inside the house too. This beautiful little painted cup was $1.50 at our recent church rummage sale (half price during the last half hour).

Other blooming plants include the cherry trees and viburnum. Lilac is on the way.

I'm planning to put bean and pea seeds into the garden tomorrow, but last year's kale is going strong already.

Please tell me what is blooming in your part of the world. What's going on in your vegetable garden? I'm confused about when to plant because of the heat and dry weather. This feels like July not April. Last year at this time, we were still having freezing nights. Today it got well into the 80's on the day of the Boston Marathon.


Tiffany said...

Hi Andrea! Oh my goodness how lovely are those daffodils -- wildly growing in your back yard?? What a gift!

I am on the west coast - So. Cal. and we are having very warm weather this week! And what's in bloom ? Lots and lots of roses - some lavender and tomatoes are in abundance at our local farmer's market - as are strawberries -- mmm think i need to make strawberry shortcake soon!

If i will try and get some photos this week of the roses ad post them on my blog - i don't have everyday access to my computer so its hard to get current photos downloaded so i can post them.

Hope all is going well!

Meryl said...

That little rock wall is gorgeous too! I took the long (country) way into work this morning and was noticing all the stacked rock walls. I think that may go on "must-have" list for our forever house.

Andrea said...

Thanks for commenting Tiffany and Meryl. I must say, I can't take any credit for the walls or daffodils. They were here when we moved in. But I am doing a lot of "greening" of the yard you can see in the Apr. 26 post. Already the daffodils are nearly done. But the lilacs are out and azaleas are starting. And radish seeds are sprouting.

Andrea said...

By the way, Meryl. Try not to get too caught up with "forever" house. I thought my last one was that, but a job required us to go. Now, I love this new-to-me old house even more. When I was sad leaving my previous home, a friend said,"you made that house what it is, you'll do the same to the next one." She was right.