Monday, October 1, 2012

Winds of Change

Have you noticed fall has arrived? All of a sudden a dry, cool breeze is blowing all the time. It occasionally grabs the first colored leaves from the ash trees and flutters them down across the yard. The other afternoon, the sun suddenly came out after a cloudy rainy morning. The leaves were sparkling as they shook back and forth.

I'm trying to spend more time staring out the window, taking more walks through the woods, and riding my bike down scenic roads before the leaves are gone.


Tiffany said...

Hi! Yes, its techinically fall but it was 106 here today - YIKES! Kinda hard to be outside when its that hot!!

Enjoy your bike rides and walks.


Andrea said...

gosh Tiffany, that is way too hot! Here in MA, it's in the high 60s to low 70s in the day and in the 50s at night. Very nice now, but soon enough... the cold will come. Then I'll be hibernating in the house until April. Where do you live? I'd love to come visit in January.