Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Sad Prediction Fulfilled

This seems an odd day to finally write this post. It's the morning after an election where the most radical tea party sentiments were turned back throughout the country. Candidates who would require a woman to carry a baby created from rape were defeated. Elizabeth Warren, a women who began fighting for financial reforms to benefit the middle class long before she had any thought of running for office, became the first female senator from Massachusetts. Perhaps having those concerns off my mind has allowed me to consider something else that's weighing on me.

Climate Change Is Here.

When I'm relaxed on vacation I like to spend time observing and drawing. During our August NC vacation, I drew this picture.

I was fascinated by the efforts of the man rebuilding the stairs of the home on the left (note the tiny figures working under the house). The supports of the house on the right were in the water at high tide. Here's a photo in the mists at the edge of the warming, rising Atlantic.

I wrote about risk and building on waterfront land here. Here's a video of the house on the right side of my journal picture and the photo above breaking apart against the neighboring house after its fallen into the ocean.

This was in the early stages of yet another 100 year storm, perhaps the 3rd one in a year and a half, well before it deluged the NYC subway tunnels, put millions of people in the dark, destroyed hundreds of homes and killed over 100 people.


Merry said...

Hi Andrea,

I spent many a happy summer on the Outer Banks of NC and have many fond memories of the Jersey Shore, as well. So sad to see this destruction. Barrier islands like the Outer Banks and those in New Jersey are changeable. I remember some summers the water would be shallow for what seemed like a mile and the next summer we'd walk a few steps into the water and be up to our chests. But with the current climate changes, I wonder if they can survive at all. One of my relatives who is in her 90's lost her house in Ortley Beach, NJ and is now living with her daughter. I know the NC Outer Banks have had destructive hurricanes, but I don't recall anything like Sandy inflicting such devastation on the Jersey Shore before.

Andrea said...

thanks for leaving a comment, Merry. I went over to your blog and was reading and commenting before I realized the posts were 2 years old. LOL

Merry said...

Yes, I gave up organizing:). Maybe one of these days I'll get back to it.