Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple Butter

Apples from local unsprayed trees have blemishes on the outside but wholesome sweetness on the inside.
Peeled and chopped, they cook down in a mix of water and cider.
About 40 minutes later, it's chunky apple sauce, but not nearly done.
Blended smooth with cinnamon, clove, allspice and a little sugar, the sauce is ready for a long, low simmer.

Four pints of spiced apple butter canned for safe storage thanks to Liana Krissoff's Canning for a New Generation.

My delicious oatmeal breakfast.


Kaat at MamaStories said...

Mmmm, yum!
I have a bushel of utility apples comes my way today. Can't wait to get into the apples!

Meryl said...

Yum! I just did applesauce this weekend. I love apple butter too, though!