Friday, October 18, 2013

Processing Pears

One day of pear processing produced 6 quarts of pears in light syrup and 3 1/2 cups of tawny port pear butter. I'm finally feeling really comfortable with the canning process. You can find the recipes here.


 I used about 18 pounds of pears for the pears in syrup and about 8 for the butter. I still have nearly a full box stored in the basement and fridge for eating as they ripen.

I wouldn't have thought peeling pears would be so easy. Just a quick slice off the top and bottom, peel, cut in quarters and slice out the core. Maybe it's all the peeling practice I've had lately, and my great OXO peeler. It's an older model with replaceable blades, and sadly I can't find a place to buy the replacement blades anymore.

The pieces were deposited in a gallon of water mixed with 2 Tbsp. lemon juice to prevent discoloration. When I had enough pieces, I simmered them in a light syrup and filled the heated jars.

Above are the ingredients for the Tawny Port Pear butter. Yum!  pears, Tawny Port, lemon and honey from a local friend's hives.

I'm getting better at packing the jars tightly. There are lots of air bubbles in the butter, however. I should have let it sit longer after blending. A friend assured me that the air doesn't affect the quality, only the appearance.

At any age, it's fun learning a new skill. I started canning at age 45 never having seen it done before. About a year after I began, every effort results in new lessons learned.

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