Friday, February 14, 2014

A Sweet Valenversary

Yesterday was our anniversary, and today is Valentine's Day. I always joke that we got married on Valentine's weekend so my husband would never forget our anniversary. He never does. Last year for our 20th, we spent a lovely snowy weekend in a luxurious B&B. This year (21) was more low key although equally snowy. But I love giving my husband and kids a little extra love, a few more hugs and lots of yummy sweet treats.

The beaded Valenversary card from our kids.

My sweet boy helped me bake some thumbprint cookies.

We used our homemade raspberry jelly. Yum.

Finished cookies were a little crumbly but very yummy.

I made little pocket book cards for the kids, my mom and other friends.
The idea came from Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden.

The holiday haul: french lollipops, Lindt chocolate bars in the kids favorite flavors,
and dark chocolate covered almonds. The card shows a photo D took of us in a wavy
reflection on the Prudential Building during last's years snowy B&B outing.

Wishing you all have a sweet, delicious Valentine's day.