Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Perennial Edible Plants

It's been a long time. The seasons have progressed from the cold of winter into the greening spring. While I've planted new specimens in the gardens, it is the perennials I'm most thrilled with. Yet again without much effort from me, here comes the rhubarb, the asparagus is multiplying, the strawberries are spreading, and the raspberries are thicker than ever.

This spring I've added a new bed with blueberries. I've planted a gooseberry bush. I am watching the garlic I planted last fall grow tall and strong. These type of plants are the ones I want to surround me. Ones that return and enrich me year after year as I feed them with compost and caring.

feathery asparagus plants at the edge of their bed

leeks to the right, garlic to the left

chives in the foreground, rhubard behind

strawberries coming along

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Kaat at MamaStories said...

I'm also moving toward perennials - edibles, that goes without saying for me. With the CSA box it doesn't make sense to grow too many tomatoes. Beans, yes.
That garlic looks wicked!
Happy gardening!