Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally A Home

Yesterday, the most mundane of tasks made me feel like I really had a new home. I went to the supermarket. I had spent the last three days unpacking boxes and living amidst chaos. It took an almost routine supermarket visit to make me feel more at home. I had to find the new market, which wasn't easy. I negotiated unfamiliar aisles (while I talked to my mom on the phone, my usual daily update). On the way home I found that the trip is really an easy one on only one road. The revelation about home, came as I crossed route 30 onto our section of road. I was driving down a street out of a fairy tale, winding through the wood on a path with tall pines at either side. It's difficult to see our home and a challenge to turn into the driveway. But once there it is oasis. I just felt so relaxed and happy to be there.

I proceeded to make dinner. There is almost enough space on the counter amidst the clutter I haven't found a place for. The dining room is clean and set up for dinner, but we chose to eat on the deck. It was so beautiful. Green everywhere, and you can see the bee balm in the garden (complex red flowers where each petal is like a tiny drinking vessel for humming birds). And they were flying around visiting the flowers while we ate.

This time of year the house is sits in a lush garden.

I saw a mouse crawl into this little house on the fence yesterday morning.

View from the deck. Bee balm is the red flower toward the right.

Dinner on the deck.

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