Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making Progress

The last 6 days: open a box, unwrap items from masses of paper (even a pine cone and hair clip were wrapped for safety, but no china was broken), find places for the items, move box and paper to basement recycling piles enjoying the cool basement air... repeat, repeat, repeat.

And, of course, the dryer stopped working amidst the chaos. But Doug diagnosed the problem, went out for the part, and it's fixed. (Yes we're in a new house and here's Doug hard at work, yet again.)

The temporary clothesline. We'll set up one that's not only 3' off the ground soon.

Finally we have made enough progress that all the big boxes are unpacked. Here are some rooms in progress.

Jack and Renee playing in her room.

Dining room
Family room

This afternoon we head off to the Outer Banks with Doug's fraternity bothers and their families. So much fun! A true week of relaxation once we do the long drive.

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