Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Durham Fair Fun

The last post for September should be devoted to our favorite late September event: the Durham Fair in Connecticut. We have gone every year except one since before Doug and I were married. Every year there are wonderful animals, great collections, beautiful crafts and needlework, agricultural and baking events, racing pigs, truck pulls, and rides. And, of course, greasy fair food... actually we don't eat too much of the greasy stuff, no Bloomin' Onions, or Elephant Ear size fried dough. But we did sample the chili dogs, falafel, french fries, lemonade and candy apples.

Here is a pumpkin that broke the state record. Evidently these pumpkins can gain up to 40lbs/day.
This year's favorite animals were this adorable donkey:

and this chicken with swirly feathers:

Honorable mention in my personal awards goes to this llama who knows doing obstacle courses is pretty silly.

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