Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Around

Finally, I'm back with the promised cow picture. For two of the past 5 days the cows have been in the near field.
Today we started some serious pruning work around the yard. (We had someone from a local garden center come out last Thursday evening and help us identify bushes to see which are keepers and when and how to prune them.) It was hungry work, so we took the family out for dinner at a place Doug and I enjoyed back in the early '90s, REDBONES. We had great ribs and pulled pork, and, of course, mac and cheese for Renee. Then we walked to the apartment I lived in while I was in graduate school when I met Doug.

Also, I got a working GPS, so I managed to drive to Somerville without getting lost. Hooray. I think I've gotten lost about a dozen times since I've moved here. The worst was trying to get to the motor vehicle department (where we waited about 3 hours to register our cars) and the inspection station (where I failed the first inspection, but at least knew the way for reinspection). So now we have MA license plates and Doug has a new driver's licence. I'll get mine once the kids are in school (starting Tuesday).

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