Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling like Fall

Over the weekend we took a family walk around the neighborhood. The weather is so lovely with just a hint of Fall in the air. The weeds (field flowers) are very tall, but the leaves are still green and cows fat!

The kids have now begun school. It is very strange but wonderful to see them off at the bus. Jack gets picked up at 7:10 and Renee at 7:57. I love the staggered times. I get breakfast time alone with each of them. No more listening to them bicker early in the AM.

So far the kids are enjoying their new schools. We have found a challenging piano teacher for Jack, and Renee is going to start violin lessons at school. I had my first new friend over for coffee this morning.

I feel like we're getting a good start on our new life.


heather said...

kids off to school, and friends over for coffee. that sounds nice.

rosalyn said...

I love the pictures. Sounds like the "New Normal" is turning out to be pretty nice.