Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lady beetles and Other Fall Hazards

After a few days of cold and snow, we're back to weather in the 60's. Perfect fall weather for a swarm of ladybugs. Well, I thought they were ladybugs, they are actually Asian Lady Beetles that eat aphids and other harmful garden pests. In fall they swarm to find warm shelter for winter. They especially like south facing light colored surfaces, hence:

There were dozens, maybe a hundred beetles on the house and porch. I read one online account where there were thousands of beetles that would get in a woman's hair and down her shirt collar if she went out to get the mail. Luckily that isn't happening here. But there is another fall hazard. Giant acorns dropping from very tall trees. I haven't been hit in the head yet, but I keep hearing them make dents in the roof of my car. Doug keeps his new car in the garage.


rosalyn said...

The acorns damaging the car once happened to me. My car looked like it had a bad case of cellulite!!!

Andrea said...

Better the car than my thighs.

Meryl said...

At least they don't seem to be in your house! They're currently camping out on my dining room ceiling!

But on a happier note--I got my package today and was completely tickled! The little Lego Harry Potter, literally made me laugh out loud--so completely perfect! And all the leaves and nature-y bits and...well just everything made me smile. And what a beautiful family you have! I wish I had thought to put in a picture, although, honestly I end up behind the camera so often that we don't have a lot of pictures of "us". :)

We definitely need to keep in touch. I'm actually very curious about Montessori schools and methods. No babies to send there yet, but hopefully soon, so I'm starting to investigate. (I've been told by friends that send their children to our local Montessori school that I need to get on the waiting list "as soon as the stick turns blue".)