Friday, October 23, 2009

More Gorgeous Fall Shots

Here it comes again. Yet another beautiful series of fall pictures from our latest walk. I took the kids to Hamlin woods here in Wayland after school yesterday. It was around 70 degrees and is 40 today. Which warm day will be the last? The leaves are falling rapidly.

We saw many animals: 2 snakes (dead on the road) ducks, squirrels, turtles, birds, bats, and a frog (check photo carefully)

And evidence of beavers with Jack trying to inch out of the picture (note notch in tree).

Gorgeous reflections on the still water

I'll bore you with a few family shots now:

And a final shout out to my mom who sent maple sugar candy Priority Mail from a Vermont farm cooperative when Renee mentioned she liked maple sugar candy. It made a lovely hiking snack. YUM.


Meryl said...

Very pretty with the leaves and the woods and the water....can't wait to get outside for a good long walk this weekend.

rosalyn said...

Wonderful pictures. Thank you
So glad you all enjoyed the Maple Sugar Candy !!