Sunday, October 11, 2009

Living Deliberately

What a beautiful fall weekend surrounded by changing leaves and crisp New England air. Yesterday afternoon we headed to Walden Pond. Yes Thoreau's Walden Pond. It's only 5 miles from our house. We hiked around the pond and to a marshy meadow where we saw a tree sawed down by a beaver. At one spot we stopped to listen to the wind blow through the trees and just a second later about a dozen acorns fell from the tops of trees to loudly splash into the pond. I can't believe we didn't get hit on the head. It's remarkable how only 4 hours north of NJ, the forest is so different. There almost all the trees were deciduous maples and oaks. Here there are so many pines. The forest floor is spongy with soft needles and the smell is so fresh.

Walden Pond

Marsh with fall colors and fallen leaves

Renee and Doug in the woods

Today we raked the yard, and did other yard chores (like reading in the swinging chair). Doug was up on a ladder to clean out the gutters and put on screens to keep out the leaves. And for dinner, mac&cheese and another batch of Jaime's squash and apple bisque. Yum.


rosalyn said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day. I had no idea that Walden pond was so close. Living in Wayland seems to be somewhat magical.

heather said...

i love that sign on the trail. what a beautiful thing to do.....