Sunday, January 17, 2010

Attempts at art (?)

My mom is visiting for her birthday this weekend. We tried a new restaurant for her special dinner. It was Elephant Walk in Waltham. The menu was Cambodian/French, a mix of Asian flavors intensified by French techniques. The food was unique and flavorful. Yum.

I am inspired daily by the amazing art and craft and self exploration of fellow bloggers. I don't really consider myself an artist of any sort, but perhaps many of them started out feeling the same way. We must start somewhere. So I have been participating in little swaps or trying techniques and challenges.

Inspired by a little art book swap I did with Amelia of 101 Bird Tales, I made my mom a little Birthday book card. Here are some of the pages made with recycled materials, photos, and stuff found in my craft box.

The finished cover:

First open page:

The 4 signs of aging:

The story of Mighty Joe Rollino, a true Coney Island strongman, who recently died at age 104. He was hit by a minivan on his daily 5 mile walk:

Grandmas must have pictures of the grandkids in the mix:

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Amelia said...

Hi Andrea,

This is lovely. I GOT YOUR BOOK ALSO - THANK YOU so much, I love art books, and the quotes were so inspiring. I will do a post about it too.

Yes, binding is quite a skill. I did it on my art course and have been to a couple of other courses, and bought some books and tried things out.

There are so many wonderful books, and tutorials on line, that I'm sure you will get there with the binding.

Look closely at mine, it is really simple and effective way of binding. . . . look forward to seeing some more work in the future.